Healthy Minds & Healthy Futures Call for Presentations
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We are pleased to announce the 2019 Making Wellness A Priority: Healthy Minds and Healthy Futures.  The focus of the conference workshops will be on Mental Health and College, Career and Life Ready Skills.   This is the 2nd annual Youth Mental Health and Transition Conference that brings together national and local speakers and presenters to share innovative and proven practical approaches in the area of transition of youth with mental health disabilities, prevention, specifically addressing employment, community engagement, and systems of care.  We anticipate convening professionals and partners including family, education, agency, advocates, and community partners. If you are interested in being considered as a potential workshop presenter, please complete the Call for Presentations form and click "Finish."

The submission deadline has been extended:
Friday, February 8,  2019
If you have questions, please contact us at 

Selection Criteria:
Potential presenters are invited to submit workshop proposals that will be selected based on proposals that address evidence-based interventions, innovative and proven practical approaches in the area of transition of youth with emotional disabilities, specifically addressing graduation, employment, community engagement and systems of care. 

All workshops are 75 minutes.
Priority will be given to proposals that emphasize practice related specifically to youth with emotional disabilities: 
Proposals that involve a recommended best practice should include the following:
Performance data showing results from the practice described.  If applicable, documentation that the presentation is based on information that is evidence-based or research-informed. This should include any applicable references or examples of successful implementations.
Potential presenters are encouraged to include links to other relevant presentations conducted or materials and publications produced related to the proposed workshop content to help inform the review process.

Presenter Participation Requirements and Criteria:
All presentation materials including handouts are the responsibility of the primary
presenter and must be submitted to the Presentation Review Committee electronically by the specified deadline. Presentation materials will be uploaded to conference laptops and made available electronically.  
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Workshop Description for Conference Website, Brochure, and Mobile App.
Please describe your workshop in 1,000 characters or less. Please write in the third person point of view and carefully proofread the description to correct all spelling/grammatical errors. If your proposal is accepted, this information will be published in the conference brochure.    

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Overview of Presentation Methods
The selection committee will use this information to guide the selection process. Separate from the workshop description, please provide additional details specific to the content you will cover in your workshop and the learning strategies you will use to engage the audience.



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Please select your PRIMARY TOPIC  

Behavioral Health and Substance Misuse
Family Engagement
System of Care
Safety Planning, School Safety
Baker Act, Residential and DJJ Re-Entry
Youth Involved with Multiple Systems
Prevention - Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Post-Secondary, Employment and Community Transition
Employment and Transition Planning
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Please Identify Specific Learning Objectives.  


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Completed proposals are due no later than February 8, 2019.  Workshop selections will be confirmed by March 2019.  
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