Volunteer for the 2019 ISB Convention!
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Dear ISB Member and/or Bass Enthusiast,
"There is nothing greater than the heart of a volunteer" - James Doolittle
The ISB is looking for members and enthusiasts who would like to volunteer for our biennial convention at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana. As a volunteer, you become an important cog in the ISB engine that powers our convention to success. Volunteers serve as room monitors during presentations, work at the ISB pop-up store, turn pages for our amazing collaborative pianists throughout the week, assist presenters and vendors, translate for international attendees, work as backstage hands at recitals and concerts, check basses in and out of bass storage, help manage the young bassists program, and more. Each volunteer is essential to making the convention work.
I myself started as an ISB volunteer at the 2003 convention in Richmond, Virginia. Working behind the scenes opened my eyes to a whole new side of the bass world. Since then I've continued to volunteer. I've met and worked with some of my idols, whom I had only listened to or read about in Bass World magazine. A volunteer has a heart that knows no boundaries and an ISB volunteer has a heart that seeks for the best and strives for the impossible.
Join our ISB volunteer team and we'll see you at #ISB2019 at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana!
Lisa Brown, 2019 ISB Volunteer Coordinator
Music Teacher, Youth Orchestra Director & Young Bassist Private
2019 ISB Convention Volunteer Application
VOLUNTEER positions are available for the 2019 ISB convention! Positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. As a convention volunteer you will receive a "Staff" t-shirt to wear while on duty (page turners are asked to wear all black on stage). Official ISB volunteers receive complimentary registration for the convention, housing is not included. Volunteers are "AmBASSadors" to convention attendees, so a friendly, helpful attitude is a must! 

Please read the requirements below before completing the application to volunteer: 
1. You must be 18 or older to volunteer.
2. If you're a bassist, you must be a current member to volunteer.
3. Four hours of volunteer service per day required. Volunteers will be assigned two specific jobs per day and will be "on call" for the remaining hours of service. Volunteers will check in with the Volunteer Coordinator and ISB Convention Show Office daily.
4. Cell phone and email address required. (Volunteer Coordinator will use the Remind App to communicate and send update emails.)

Deadline to apply March 31, 2019. Those accepted will be notified by April 10, 2019.
(Check all that apply) I feel best suited to volunteer in the following area(s):

Serve as a room monitor during presentatioins
ISB convention store sales
Page turner (day and/or evening performances)
Young bassist program support staff
Stage hand and/or usher
Move-in/move-out for Exhibit Hall (June 2, 3, and 8)
Exhibit hall monitor
On call driver (pick up artists and guests from hotels/airport, must be 21 or older and have valid driver's license and good driving record)
Translator (list languages you speak in addition to English in the comment field below)
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Have you volunteered at a previous ISB convention?

If so, check all that apply
2001 Indianapolis, IN (Butler University)
2003 Richmond, Va (University of Richmond)
2005 Kalamazoo, MI (Western Michigan University)
2007 Oklahoma City, OK (Oklahoma City University)
2009 State College, PA (Penn State University)
2011 San Francisco, CA (San Francisco State University)
2013 Rochester, NY (Eastman School of Music)
2015 Fort Collins, CO (Colorado State University)
2017 Ithaca, NY (Ithaca College)
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I am a bassist and current member of the ISB.


I will be attending as a family member or guest of a bassist.


If you answered "yes" to question 5 above, please share the name of the bassist you will be accompanying as a family member or guest.


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Optional: For a recommendation, the ISB may contact my teacher, another ISB member, my employer or other person. Please share recommender's name, relationship to applicant, email address and telephone number below. You may also submit a resume to info@ISBworldoffice.com subject line "2019 ISB Volunteer Application."


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I will be traveling by:

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Will you have a car during the convention?


If you answered yes to question 9, would a bass fit in your trunk/car? (Optional, list the model of your car in the comments field below.) 

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To help with scheduling, please list the following information to the best of your ability in the comments field below.

1. Approximate arrival date  (Month/date)
2. Approximate arrival time (indicate AM or PM)      
3. Approximate departure date (Month/Date)
4. Approximate departure time (indicate AM or PM)


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I will be staying:

On campus
In a hotel
With local family or friend(s)
Unknown (will let the Volunteer Coordinator know about my lodging plans before the convention)
Adult unisex T-shirt size (check one):    
Please enter the information requested below for your application to be considered. 

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 Must check to indicate notice has been read and agreed to by the applicant: This application is submitted in consideration of the use of the facilities of Indiana University during the 2019 ISB convention. It is understood and agreed that all facilities of Indiana University will be used by attendees at their sole risk, and that attendees shall hold Indiana University and the International Society of Bassists harmless for personal injury or property damage resulting from participation in the 2019 ISB convention, either on and off the premises of the University. By registering and/or volunteering for this convention, the attendee agrees to abide by the rules of the University and the ISB, and agrees to use of his or her image and audio clips (no complete performances) in the ISB's publications, on its website and in its communications.The University and the ISB reserve the right to eject any disruptive person(s) from the University campus, and the ISB will not be liable for any refunds or damages that might be sustained through the exercise of this right.