The John Bruni Award for Distinguished Young Leadership
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The Mt. Washington Valley Economic Council is proud to announce that nominations for The John Bruni Award for Distinguished Young Leadership are now being accepted.

The award will be presented to an active member of the business community, 45 years or younger, who over a period of years has exhibited the following characteristics:
*       An unwavering commitment to the Valley and a deep desire to make it a better place for businesses, families and individuals.
*       A person of unquestionably strong personal character.  Someone who has earned the unqualified respect of his/her peers as an effective leader among profit or non-profit organizations.

*       Has proven to be a strong and consistent mentor, leading others to higher achievement and greater success.
*       Has demonstrated the capacity to solve complex challenges with courage, creativity, humor and enthusiasm.
*       Is generous of spirit giving freely of time and energy in support of multiple causes and organizations
*       Is recognized as much for their humility as their personal achievement

If you know someone who embodies these traits, please submit your recommendation.



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If you have additional information that you would like to include with your nomination, please email Jac Cuddy at

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