Survey: A Dog Park for Scarsdale
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The Scarsdale Village Recreation Committee is now discussing if and where to create a dog park in Scarsdale. In searching for a possible site, the Village is looking for an area that will meet American Kennel Club (AKC)standards for dog parks which are:
-At least a one acre parcel of land;
-Access to running water (the Village can install a water source if needed).;
-A safe, accessible location with adequate drainage and a grassy area that is
mowed routinely;
-A fenced in area with room for a double gate to enter and exit;
-A separate area for small dogs and large dogs;
-Ample room for parking.
The subject is generating a lot of discussion among local residents and we would like to know what you think. If you are a Scarsdale resident and have views on a dog park, share your thoughts by responding to the survey below. Please, only one response per person.
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Do you have a dog?

Putting aside the location, do you support the establishment of a dog park in Scarsdale?



If yes, where would you like to see it placed?

Weinberg Nature Center
Drake Road Park
George Field
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