Eastern Panhandle Home Builders Association Inc. VOTE
October 12, 2018
To All EPHBA Members:
The board of the EPHBA is writing to recommend your support of an amendment to the association's Articles of Incorporation.  Currently, any amendment to the Articles requires the assent of 75% of the members.  With a current membership of approximately 200, an assenting vote of approximately 150 members is required to affect long-term strategic change.
On important topics affecting the EPHBA, the best response in recent years has been approximately 25% of the membership (55 votes when nearly 150 were needed).  We know that you, as a valued member, are busy with other matters, and trust your elected board members to guide the association down a path that will ensure the long-term viability of the association.  In numerous board and committee meetings, it has become abundantly clear that the current Articles are hampering strategic planning.  That being said, the board feels that a more "realistic and meaningful" threshold be set on future topics where general membership input is required.  Therefore, the board is recommending the following amendments to the Articles of Incorporation:
Eastern Panhandle Home Builders Association Inc. Articles of Incorporation dated October 18, 1993
Article X.  Amendments
(Current) Amendment of these Articles of Incorporation shall require the assent of 
seventy five percent (75%) of the entire membership.
(Proposed new)
Amendment of these Articles shall require a simple majority (51% of the votes cast by those present or voting by proxy) of a quorum of 50% of the membership.
Ballots will be provided at the upcoming Annual Meeting on November 13, 2018. You may cast your vote at that time.  If you are unable to attend and vote in person, we ask that you return your online vote or this form no later than November 13, 2018.
All votes will be kept confidential.  
I hereby vote to approve the proposed changes to Article X of the Articles of Incorporation as stated in the notice dated October 12, 2018.
I hereby vote against approval of the changes to Article X of the Articles of Incorporation as stated in the notice dated October 12,2018.
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