9th Annual AZSS Sleep Conference
Teaching Effectiveness of the Presenters
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Stephen F. Bansberg, MD  
Ann Petersen, CNP  
Sairam Parthasarathy, MD  
Bruce White, DDS  
Dr. Carol Lewis  
Robin Blackstone, MD  
Dr. Kimberly Vana  

Your Achievement of Educational Objectives
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Identify the clinical rationale for use of a surgically implanted device to manage patients with obstructive sleep apnea  
Associate the healthcare need for women with the effective outcome of women being referred for management of sleep dysfunction  
Cite the changing landscape in healthcare that impact the sleep medicine provider  
Discuss a collaborative approach to help patients with sleep apnea improve their quality of life  
Describe how Native American cultural beliefs impacts the importance of sleep and impact on personal wellbeing  
Define the co-morbidities of patient with OSA that impact the effective outcome for patient being referred for bariatric surgery  
Discuss the effects of common opioids on sleep parameters  
The content of this course was presented without bias of any commercial product or drug

The content of this course will help me change how I practice

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