Sacred Service Ministry Survey
During his October 14th message on The Five Basic Unity Principles, Pastor Chris posed this question: How do we live the truth we know in being a blessing to others? One "built in" way to do this, as part of a church family, is by sharing our time and talents through participation with one of our Sacred Service Ministries. As our church grows, so does our need for many hands to make light work in every area of our church life. This is where you come in!

We invite you to spend some time considering where your interests and talents can best be served as an active part of the blessing we are seeking to make UCPC to each other, the greater MidSouth community, and from there the world.

For a more detailed description of each team's particular function CLICK HERE.
Please provide your basic contact information so that our Sacred Service Ministry Team Board Liaisons can get in touch with you.

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Below is a list of our Sacred Service Ministry Teams.
Please take a moment to consider your interests and talents, and check the box next to the team/s or area/s you are interested in serving as part of our church's growth and development with. For a more detailed description of each team's function Click Here.
AV/Soundbooth Team: Running PowerPoints and Sound System
Platform Assistants: Provide assistance in facilitating Sunday service.
Music Team: Participate in leading congregational hymn and providing special music.
Ushers: Assist in collecting offering.
Greeters: Welcome those entering church, assist with seating.
Outreach: Take an active part in community service and outreach programs.
Events: Assist in vetting and facilitating workshops, seminars, and events.
Inreach: Reach in to members of our congregation through sending cards, making phone calls, etc.
Prayer Chaplains: Trained to assist Pastor in praying with and for others.
Phone Tree: Assist in communication of urgent information to our congregation.
Hospitality: Assist with set up and cleaning after events that involve food service.
Social Activities: Create and facilitate opportunities for fun and fellowship.
Building & Grounds: oversee activities associated with physical operations of our property.
Decorating: oversee decoration of lobby and sanctuary, including holidays.
Lending Library: Maintain inventory of our lending library.
Sunday School Helpers: Assist Youth Director on Sunday mornings (1x monthly)
Vacation Bible School Helpers: Teach and assist with VBS in summer.
Special Event Volunteers: Assist with special Sunday School events.
Gift Shop Cashiers: Serve as cashier in the Gift Shop.

Undecided: If you're not sure where your interests and talents fit into our Sacred Service Ministries, share with us what it is you enjoy doing and one of our Board Liaisons will get back to you to find the right and perfect fit for you! 


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