Stewards of Children Facilitator Workshop Scholarship Application
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Partial scholarship application for the Stewards of Children authorized facilitator workshop

You will receive a response from Missouri KidsFirst regarding your scholarship by November 9, 2018. If awarded the scholarship you will be sent a discount code that you will enter when registering for the workshop through Darkness to Light.  Once you enter the discount code the workshop cost will be reduced to $250. Then submit the remaining $250 payment to Darkness to Light and you will be successfully registered.  If you are not awarded the scholarship, submit the $450 payment to Darkness to Light and you will be successfully registered.

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Why do you want to become a Stewards of Children facilitator?


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What are your plans for facilitating Stewards of Children trainings in your community?


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What obstacles do you believe would prevent you from facilitating Stewards of Children in your community?


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After the workshop, how likely are you to join the Missouri Stewards of Children Facilitator Network?

The Network is a supportive environment comprised of facilitators from across the state. The network allows facilitators to collaborate, share experiences, skills, and a passion for protecting children.  The Network holds a free, quarterly conference call and an annual face-to-face meeting.

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