Science Research Workshop (SRW) Peer Mentor Application
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What research experiences have you had?
URG from Office of Undergraduate Research
Weinberg URG
McCormick Summer Research Grant
Chemistry, Biology, or other departmentally funded grant
unfunded research experience without a grant
funded research without a grant (PI funded you, REU, iGEM, etc.) , please specify
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Please tell us about your project, including your research question or purpose, which faculty member(s) you worked with, and the product (e.g., paper, presentation, etc.).

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Why are you interested in being a peer leader?


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What experiences, skills, and/or personality traits do you have that you believe make you a good fit to be a peer leader?


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What will be the most challenging aspect of this position for you?

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How would you get students to speak up and be engaged in your peer group?  In sharing and talking about their own efforts?  How would you invite discussion?  What would you do to ensure your session is collaborative, effective, and enjoyable for your participants?

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Pretend you're speaking with a student at Northwestern who is interested in research. Based on what you've learned through your own experience, what key insights would you share about how to do research successfully as an undergrad?

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What would you do to help your peer group bond more?  What would you do to have the peer group be more useful to your students?

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Sometimes you may have to mentor students outside of your major/field.  What fields/majors are you open to mentoring?  (Rank any you feel comfortable with slightly comfortable, very comfortable, etc. please.)


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Required 11.
Our expectations of peer leaders are high because of the role's responsibility. Below are the main expectations (a more comprehensive explanation will be provided if you're invited to interview).

-Attend and participate in mandatory peer leader training.
-Attend and Participate in weekly peer leader meetings.
-Regularly check and respond to emails.
-Attend all SRW Workshop sessions, leading your small group through activities based on themes (e.g., contacting faculty, reading literature papers, writing a proposal, etc.).
-Lead sessions with a commitment to the learning of all students.
-Alert Evangeline if there are any problems with your peer group or a student.
-Give feedback to Evangeline about what is working and what isn't working that will help shape the program.

Do you agree to fulfill the expectations if selected as a leader?
Possibly, I need more information
Required 12.
Thank you for filling out the application.  We want to do peer leader interviews between Oct 29-Nov 22.  Our preference is to do all the interviews Oct 29-Nov 22 if possible.  Please fill out days M-F and time that would work for you to do an in-person interview.  If it is different from one week to the next, please write that.  If you absolutely cannot meet on a specific day, e.g. Mondays, please write that too in the space provided.  We'd like you to set aside an hour for the interview, as it gives us time to get to know each other and feel comfortable.

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If you were unable to finish entering a response into one of the boxes above, you may continue to finish your response here.  Also, if you have any other information you would like to share here, please enter that below.  Please let me know if you are free Winter quarter WED 4:30-6pm, 5-6:30pm or Tuesday 4:30-6pm.  All questions starred or not are required.  Thank you for applying.  


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