Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts Survey
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey. Your responses help us to serve you better. Feel free to contact the IAFPD office with questions, comments or ideas anytime.  Please fill out the contact information completely to be entered into a prize drawing. You could win a free webinar registration. 
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Please give us a little information about your district's primary contact. IAFPD does not sell or distribute your contact information. 

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Which category best describes your district's EAV (Equalized Assessed Value)?
Under $7 million
$7.5 to $14.9 million
$15.0 to $24.9 million
$25.0 to $49.9 million
$50.0 to $99.9 million
$100.0 to $199.9 million
$200.0 to $299.9 million
$300.0 to $399.9 million
$400.0 to $499.9 million
$500.0 Million or more
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Are your district's trustees
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Does your District have a pension board?

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Have your district's trustees completed the 3 Part Advanced Trustee Training Program?
All of our trustees have completed the training.
Some of our trustees have completed the training.
None of our trustees have completed the training
We have new trustees who will be completing the training within the next year.
Required 6.
Which of our benefits do you find most valuable? Select all that apply.
Education (Advanced Trustee Training, ATS Sessions, Winter Conference)
Annual Conference
Online learning (Webinars)
"The Fire Call"- Your association's quarterly magazine
Publications ("The Text of Laws Relating to Fire Protection Districts and Handbook for Trustees of Illinois Fire Districts")
Legislative Updates and Legislative Advocacy
IAFPD staff support.
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How do we rate on the following attributes?
 Well Below Average Below Average Average Above Average Well Above Average 
Education that is timely and relevant
Trustee support
Understanding district's needs
Cost of training and publications
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How would you make IAFPD membership more valuable? 

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What is the BEST part about IAFPD membership?


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Are you familiar with the "Member's Only" section of, where you can update your district's profile, browse articles, download session handouts, pay invoices and more?


Would your board be interested in having an IAFPD representative attend a future meeting? 

Keeping your IAFPD profile current is the best way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your membership! Each time there is a change of trustees, commissioners, fire chief or attorney, you can update your district's profile online. You can also call the IAFPD office or email us at