Arts Month 2018 Survey

Did you visit the Arts Month webpage this year?

Did you have at least one new cultural experience with family or friends this past October?
If yes, what did you do?
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Where did you hear about Arts Month this year?

(Select all that apply.)

Advertisements in print, TV commercials, radio, billboards, large banners, etc.
Articles in The Gazette, Independent, Colorado Springs Business Journal, Pikes Peak Bulletin, etc.
Email communications from the Cultural Office
Communications from other arts & cultural organizations
Communications from other community groups like Colorado Springs CVB, CONO, YMCA, PPLD, local school districts, etc.
Social Media
Family or friends (word of mouth)

Did you attend a free ArtPOP event? 

(ArtPOP is an annual co-presentation of the Cultural Office and Pikes Peak Arts Council.)

No, I didn't.
1 or 2 events
3 to 5 events
More than 5
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Did Arts Month Bingo motivate you to participate in a creative activity? 

(Answer even if you didn't win or fill out the game card.)

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Please share any comments you have about Arts Month 2018.


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Enter to win two "Weekender" passes to the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival on November 9-11!
Survey will close at midnight on Wednesday, November 7 and a randomly-chosen winner will be notified on November 8. Our thanks to RMWFI for supporting Arts Month! 

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