November Chronicles Poll Question = Driven by Drama or Gratitude?
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Curious CATALYST minds are interested in what drives you and your team members.
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What is your title / position? While we know you might wear multiple hats, pick the position that is the best fit most of the time.
Diplomate / Specialist
Credentialed Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Technician (non-credentialed)
Approved / Credentialed Assistant
Practice / Office Manager
Client Service Rep / Receptionist
Kennel Assistant
Manager - other areas (list in comments)
Instructor / Education position
Industry Representative
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What is the closest description of where you work?

Veterinary Hospital / Clinic - 10 or less staff
Veterinary Hospital / Clinic - 11-30 staff
Veterinary Hospital / Clinic - 31 or more staff
Shelter / rescue
Industry - only veterinary products
Industry - support to veterinary field
Self-employed - in the veterinary field
Self-employed - not in the veterinary field
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What is your age? 

61 or older
I prefer not to answer

Please choose the best response for each question.

 Not at all / Disagree Rarely Sometimes Often / Agree  
When I give a gift to a co-worker, I think he/she appreciates it  
I am more likely to engage in conversations that is uplifting or positive  
I feel drama queens are always negative  
"Thank you" is said in my hospital / place of employment  
When my boss or client asks to speak with me, I assume that he/she wants to discuss a problem or give me negative feedback  
When my team is functioning poorly, I believe it's usually me messing up  
I'm more reliable / trust worthy than my co-workers  
When I perform very well on an assignment, I just lucked out  
I receive positive praise on a regular basis  
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Continued:  Please choose the best response for each question.

 Not at all / Disagree Rarely Sometimes Often / Agree  
When I receive a reward or recognition, I can tend to figure that luck or fate played more of a role than my actual work or skill  
When something bad happens at work, I feel that my incompetence is to blame  
When I achieve a long-term and personally challenging goal, I congratulate / reward myself  
I like hearing negative things about my co-workers  
When someone says, "You really did a great job. I appreciate it," I don't usually think it's genuine  
When a person brings me a gift or treat, I automatically assume there is a catch or they want something  
I feel over 50% of my co-workers express unnecessary drama on a regular basis  
When a person praises me about one of my special qualities or abilities, I take it as a compliment  
I don't feel I need to recognize people's achievements at work as it's their job  
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