2018 Empower Series - Impact Survey
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Please help us by completing this 3-minute confidential survey.

It will help us measure how well we deliver on our mission to positively impact the world by inspiring people to thrive in every area of their life. It will also help us share with donors and charitable foundations how their gifts are transforming the lives of students and adults.

Your time and input are greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Clifton Ellis Johnson
EMPOWER Series Founder & Executive Director
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Have you attended an in-person live EMPOWER Series event or on-line (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)?
In-Person Live Event
On-Line (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
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As a result of you attending an EMPOWER Series event(s) in-person or through social media, please select all that applies below (feel free to share your story in the comment section, as well):
Have you written, reviewed or updated your personal or financial goals?
Are you using a documented budgeting, tracking or monitoring system to manage your finances?
Has your savings balance increased or have you increased the amount you are saving periodically into a savings account?
Have you reduced your consumer debt or improved your Credit Score?
Have you applied for, increased, or reviewed your life insurance coverage?
Have you prepared, reviewed or updated your Estate Planning Documents (will, power of attorney, medical power of attorney, etc.)
Has your knowledge of financial concepts and terminology improved?
Have you purchased a home or other real estate?
Have you started a business or used resources to grow your exisiting business?
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What other topics or events would you like from the EMPOWER Series?

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How else can we improve...be better?

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What is your gender?
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Which category describes your age? 

Younger than 18
18 to 24
25 to 34
35 to 44
45 to 54
55 to 64
65 to older
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Required 7.
What is your ethnicity?
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Required 8.
What level of education are you pursuing or completed?
Currently attending or completed some High School
Completed High School/GED
Currently attending or completed some College
Completed College Degree
Currently attending or completed some Graduate School
Completed Graduate Degree
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Required 9.
What best describes your employment status?
Employed full-time
Employed part-time
Not employed, but looking for work
Not employed, not looking for work
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Required 10.

What category best describes your annual income? 

Under $15,000
$15,000 to $29,999
$30,000 to $44,999
$45,000 to $59,999
$60,000 to $74,999
$75,000 to $89,999
$90,000 to $99,999
$100,000 or more
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