Rulebook App Enhancements Survey
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How would you rate your overall experience using the Rulebook App?

Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
No opinion
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As we continue to enhance the Rulebook App, please rank the following features on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being least relevant to you and 10 being most relevant to you.

 1 (Least Relevant) 10 (Most Relevant) 
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Bookmarking of rule interpretation videos
Bookmarking of specific rules and or clauses
Copy and paste content from the App to various mediums
Create notes and or highlight text within rules
Horizontal mobile device layout
Font size selector
Retain saved search filters
Tablet device layout
Video page to view all rule interpretation videos
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How helpful has the Rulebook App been compared to the printed Rulebook?

Very helpful
Not helpful
Not very helpful
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For a one-time fee of $1.99 (which includes full access to the Baseball, Softball, and Challenger Rulebooks), how reasonable is the price for the Rulebook App?
Very reasonable
Not reasonable
Not very reasonable
No opinion
Required 5.
What position best describes your role in Little League?
District Administrator
League Official