Hablemos de Salud / Let's Talk Health Bilingual Survey
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Required 1.

Do you know ABClatino's "Let's Talk Health" newsletter?

Conoces el programa ABClatino Hablemos de Salud?

Required 2.

If YES /SI continue the survey

Si su respuesta es SI, por favor continue 

If NO, please provide your e-mail to receive information

Si su respuesta es NO, por favor escriba su e-mail para recibir informacion


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Required 3.

How do you receive the monthly newsletter "Let's Talk Health"

Como recibe el boletin "Hablemos de Salud"

Digital and Printed / Digital e impresa
Digital but not printed / Digital pero no impresa
Printed but not digital / Impresa pero no digital
I don't receive it. My e-mail is: / No la recibo. Mi e-mail es:
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Required 4.

Do you find "Let's Talk Health" a useful resource for the community?

Cree que "Hablemos de Salud" es un recurso util para la comunidad?

Why? / Por que?

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I'd like to schedule a visit to my organization to train staff on the use of "Let's Talk Health"  Multimedia Library. Name, phone, e-mail to contact you.

Quisiera que vengan a mi organizacion para demostrar como usar "Hablemos de Salud" y la Biblioteca Multimedia. Nombre, telefono, e-mail para contactarla/o


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