BCC President's Dinner Cornerstone Award Nomination
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In 2016, the Board recognized Maurice Rollins with the first (in recent history) Lifetime Achievement Award.  Gerry Bongard of Stephen License was recognized in 2017.

At that time, the Board also realized there were opportunities to celebrate the cornerstones of that journey. As a result, four new awards were presented at the 2017 Annual President's Dinner to honour our members who have exemplified vision, founding, mentoring and citizenship and helped our community prosper.

Now that we've started a tradition, we want your input...  you do not have to give a name for each category but for those you do, please make sure your submission includes:
Their name
The business name
The # years in/with business
A clear example of why this person matches the category

This is a Belleville Chamber of Commerce initiative and only members in good standing will be considered from the nominations.
This award is presented to a Chamber member who has seen an opportunity to revive or create something unique or unprecedented. Their dedication to this vision has resulted in raising the profile of Belleville and has contributed to the overall prosperity of the community.


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This award is presented to a Chamber member who has built a business from its beginning or expanded an existing business that enhances the reputation of Belleville as a place where business can come to grow. 

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This award is presented to a Chamber member who, through their daily work, intentionally or not, helps develop others with their leadership and guidance.


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This award is presented to a Chamber member who has embraced the spirit of the community by their selfless acts and support to causes that improve the lives of Belleville's citizens.


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