Mentoring Newberry County - Mentee Application
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Mentoring Newberry County is an initiative of the Newberry County Chamber of Commerce, Newberry County Young Professionals, Rotary Club of Newberry, and
The Champions.

Through this program, we aim to strengthen the business, social, and cultural community.
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Please list your community involvements, professional associations, and personal interests:


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Please list your three greatest accomplishments (professional, community or otherwise) in the last three (3) years:

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What is the biggest challenge you face in your current job?


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What are your top three (3) strengths?

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What are your top three (3) weaknesses?


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Have you previously participated in a structured mentoring environment? What was your experience?


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Why are you interested in being a mentee? What does a successful mentoring experience mean to you? 


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Would you be interested in participating in group mentoring?


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The mentoring program requires your commitment to a training meeting and regular meetings with your mentor for the purpose of meeting your agreed-upon goals. So that we may ensure the quality of our mentoring programs, you will be expected to report on the occurrence and scheduling of your meetings with your mentor. How will you assure us of making such a commitment?


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What are your career goals/aspirations?


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How do you best learn (e.g. reading, observing, experiencing, through coaching and feedback, by role-playing, etc.)?


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What skills do you wish to learn from a mentor?

Building Industry Credibility
Business Growth
Business Planning
Career Planning
Community/Business Development
Corporate Culture
Customer Relations
Decision Making
Human Resouces
Inventory Management
Marketing & Advertising
Operations & Production
Organizational Design
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(Continued skills and experience)
Organization Change
Personal Branding
Peer Relations
Public Service-Community
Public Service-Political
Quality Control
Product Development
Staff Relations
Strategic/Tactical Planning
Talent Management
Time Management
Team Building
Workplace Challenges
Work/Life Balance
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We thank you for your interest in the Mentoring Newberry County program and look forward to working with you.