2019 Advanced Regulatory Studies Overall Evaluation
About you:
State or federal commissioner
Commission staff member
Other federal or state agency staff member
Consumer advocate
Environmental advocate
Publicly owned utility employee
Privately owned utility employee
Law, accounting, or consulting firm employee
International attendee
Program organization:
 Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied NA 
Online or other information about the program
Program registration system
Program format and schedule
Professional mix of program attendees
Professional networking opportunities
Program learning objectives:
 Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied NA 
Appropriateness and sufficiency of stated prerequisites
Achievement of stated learning objectives
Effectiveness of program instructors
Quality and sufficiency of advance preparation materials
Quality and sufficiency of program materials
Quality and sufficiency of supplemental materials
Relevance and contribution of program materials to achieving learning objectives
Time allotted to learning activities
Small group work learning experience
Program experience:
 Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied NA 
Program location
Meeting rooms comfort and convenience
Audio and visual systems
Food and beverage service
Hotel accommodations
Program amenities and extras

Program value:

 Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied NA 
Coverage of important and timely issues
Appropriateness of course to your level of expertise and experience
Overall value of the program relative to time commitment
Overall value of the program relative to cost
Overall value of the program to you in your professional position
Opportunity to earn CCRE credits from IPU-MSU
Importance of IPU-MSU administration to the value of the program

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