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Herbal Jeopardy Autumn 2018
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Welcome to the latest installment of Herbal Jeopardy.  Listed below is the question you need to answer.  If answered correctly, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 "Cash Card"  towards the purchase of Herbalist & Alchemist quality products.  

Good Luck!

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As winter approaches, cold and flu season will be in full swing. As viruses invade the upper airways, a wide array of respiratory problems can develop. Herbal support can be very helpful when used correctly. Matching the energetics of the herb to the respiratory condition will make all the difference. For example: an herb that is energetically cool and moist when used on a cold damp condition will exacerbate the condition.   So, knowing a lung condition is cold and damp, one would want to use herbs that are energetically warming and drying.
Common Lung Conditions that may develop:
     Damp: runny nose, excess mucous
     Dry: little or no discharge or mucous  
     Cold: mucous is clear or white, no fever, person feels cold
     Hot: yellow, green or bloody mucous, person feels hot or has fever
The following herb soothes irritative mucous membranes. It is a mild yin tonic to the lungs, and is special in that it is energetically neutral and can be used for almost any lung condition.

Name this Herb:

A. Aralia racemosa
B. Zingiber officinale
C. Inula helenium
D. Scutellaria baicalensis
E. Eriodictyon californicum
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The entry due date is January 31, 2019.  Limit one entry per customer.  Not to be combined with any other offer. 


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