Help New Hope "Christmas Challenge"
Will you be part of the Christmas Challenge? 
 New Hope is a place where the Presence of God is experienced and shared. This month I am asking if you will be one of those people who will help make New Hope a place of new beginnings for others. Please check all that you will do to further the cause of Christ through New Hope. 
Please respond by Tuesday (12/4). We'll tabulate and publish the results in next week's Weekly Update. Thanks!
Count on me to do the following this month: please check all that apply
I will pray for the mission and ministry of New Hope to be a place that reaches out to our community with the love of Christ.
I will give a sincere welcome to those around me on Sunday mornings- and especially to those who are visiting (they are the ones with the Blue Cups!)
I will invite at least one person to attend church with me this month
(If you are on Facebook) I will "Like" the New Hope Facebook page
(If you are on Facebook/Twitter) I will share at least one meaningful post/tweet from New Hope with my community.
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