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What Is the MOST Challenging Issue You Are Struggling With In Your Pet Business?  


(Pick only one answer - if you get chosen for coaching, Kristin may likely cover other issues as they relate to this issue but your choice below will most likely be her primary focus during your session.  Also, please tell Kristin more about your issue in the comment section below.) 

I'm Just Starting Up (I Haven't Started Yet)
Getting and/or Keeping Clients
I Need a Website / Marketing Materials / Branding Audit: I Need Kristin To Do Look at My Website, Business Cards, Logo, etc. to Make Sure I Have What It Takes to Attract Ideal Clients
Hiring Staff, Keeping Staff, and/or Dealing with Difficult Staff Members
Client Issues: Need to Say No to Unreasonable Requests, Need to Raise My Rates but I'm Scared I'll Lose Clients, and/or How to Deal with Difficult Clients)
Feeling Stuck: No Motivation, Fear of Failure, Procrastination and/or Experiencing Isolation as a Self-Employed Person
I'm Feeling Tied Down in My Business and I Want More Freedom to Travel, Have More Time with Family and Friends, etc.)
Business Expansion: I Want to Expand My Business to Another City or State
I Want to Sell My Pet Business
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What Identifying Information of Yours Can We Use During the Recording and Podcast Releasing Of Your Coaching Session?  


(Please note: those who mark below "All Info is Fine" may be chosen rather than those who express limitation on what can be shared. Being able to be limitation-free will help this be a better experience for YOU (freedom!) and for podcast listeners.) If you prefer to be somewhat anonymous, you don't need to share your business name, but at minimum we will need to use your first name and city and/or state as well as type of business and you will need to give Kristin full rein to publish the coaching segment in its entirety without editing.)  

All Info is Fine to Use During Recording of Coaching Session
First Name, City and/or State, and Type of Business
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Please Mark ALL Days and Times Below That Would Usually Work For You To Have a Coaching Session  


(Please note that coaching sessions will only be on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If you get chosen for a session, the session will generally be 30-45 minutes though Kristin asks that you allow **up to 90 minutes** for the session time. Also, times below are in Pacific time zone - check an online "time zone calculator" to determine what time zone these times below would be for you, given your location.)  

Tuesdays at 1pm Pacific
Tuesdays at 2pm Pacific
Tuesdays at 3pm Pacific
Wednesdays at 1pm Pacific
Wednesdays at 2pm Pacific
Wednesdays at 3pm Pacific

Why Do You Think You'd Be a Good Pet Business Owner To Be Chosen For a Coaching Session with Pet Business Coach Kristin Morrison? 


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