2019 Person of the Year Nomination
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Please nominate a person (or couple) who gives back to our community through their volunteer efforts!

DEADLINE:  On or before March 4, 2019 at noon.  Please note: The winner(s) serves as the Mardi Gras Parade Grand Marshal on October 26, 2019.

Past recipients: 1998-Dr. Clarence Cawvey; 1999-Kirwan Heisner & Dick Pyatt; 2000-Gerry Luke & Steve Cannedy; 2001-Peggy Sims; 2002-Billie Ray Craig; 2003-Dick Corn; 2004-Glen Hamilton; 2005-Bill & Mary Roe; 2006-Mildred Frazer Wolfe; 2007-Chuck Dobrinick; 2008-Toni Engelhardt; 2009-Loa Runion; 2010-Bonnie Hudgins; 2011-Paulet Loos; 2012-Charlie & Mary Greer; 2013-Duane White; 2014-Bob Giacomo; 2015-Rhonda Shubert; 2016-Steve and Diann Priebe; 2017-Cathy Pyatt; 2018-Elizabeth Kellerman.
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