NHBSR Partnership for Innovation Nomination Form
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The NHBSR Partnership for Innovation Award recognizes a collaboration that created synergy and progress on a sustainability initiative where it might not otherwise have been possible.  The partnership should demonstrate a creative approach and measurable results that will inspire other business leaders in New Hampshire/New England to take action.   (One of the nominated partners must be an NHBSR member.)
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Please provide information about the two businesses or organizations you are nominating: 

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Please provide contact information for the person making the Nomination, if not one of the people listed above:
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Give a brief description of how these two companies/organizations have worked together to amplify their sustainability efforts through their partnership. Please provide any information such as the program's aims, approach, key elements and results. 



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How do these two organizations work to promote the value of CSR to other businesses and stakeholders?


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What other details or information about these organizations' partnership should be considered?


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Do you have supplemental information that you intend to send? If so, please let us know whether it will be sent via email or mail in the comments field below.

**We especially encourage an additional letter of recommendation from another source to strengthen the nomination.

Supplemental materials can be sent via email to molly@nhbsr.org (please put Partnership for Innovation in the subject line)  or by regular mail to: PO Box 3562, Concord NH 03302

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Thank you for your nomination.

All nomination applications and materials are due by February 8, 2019.