Youth Soccer/Grassroots Club Survey
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Dear Colleague 
We would be really interested in how - on annual basis - you evaluate your Youth Soccer Club or Grassroots Soccer Club. 
We are especially interested in helping you - at no cost to your club - use data to evaluate your club to achieve more insight into your club.
If you can complete the short survey 4 Question Survey below we will send you the comparative Analysis of Liverpool and Manchester City ' First Goals' scored in the English Premier League this season so far
If you would like more information on how to use data to evaluate your club - at no cost - please indicate in Question 4 

Many thanks 

Best Wishes

Robin Russell 
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What would you believe to be the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES  of your club? Please rate the Criteria listed below 
If you have other criteria by which you rate your club please include this in the Comment Section 
 Major Strength Minor Strength Average Minor Weakness Major Weakness 
Growth in the Number of Registered Players per season
Retention of Registered Players under 11 years of age per season
Retention of Registered Players 12 years of age and older
Progress of players to 'more advanced' playing levels per season ( e.g. to Representative Honours, to an Academy or to a College Soccer Scholarship)
Transition of players into other roles at the club e.g. as coaches, referees , volunteers
On the field Conduct of Players
Off the field Conduct of Parents and Spectators
Success of Teams in Championships, Cup Competitions etc.
Retention of Coaches season by season
Development of facilities at your club
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For THREE of the MAJOR STRENGTHS  you have identified above in question 1 can you briefly state below HOW your club EVALUATES this STRENGTH? In other words how does the club know this aspect to be a Strength ?


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Required 3.
Can you think of ONE METRIC - ONE MEASUREMENT -  to simply evaluate the strengths /weaknesses of your Club ? e.g. % Growth of players or Number of Red/Yellow cards 
 If YES please state it below.If not please state NO below 

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Required 4.
Would you like to know more about how you could  -FOR FREE - evaluate your club OBJECTIVELY - that is using a data based approach ? If YES please state below in which areas you would like this help and we will email further details  . If not please state NO and we will not email details 

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To receive the comparative analysis of Liverpool and Manchester City ' First Goals ' for the 2018/9 season so far please provide your email below. We promised we will not 'scam ' you with other emails 

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