2019 Chamber Choice Awards Nominations
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Please note: Only Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce members are eligible to nominate, vote for, and/or win the following awards. To make the process easier for you, a full list of current SRI Chamber members can be foun
d  here (listed alphabetically) and here (listed by category).

You may nominate as many Chamber members for each award as you see fit.
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The Superhero Award: The business who has come to your rescue time and time again


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The Family Fun Award: The best place to bring the whole family (not a restaurant).


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The Local Treasure Award: Best place to bring out of town guests (the place that you want to hide from tourists)


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The Rising Star Award: Given the any new business that has opened within the last 3 years and is doing exceptional work


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Proven Success Award: An existing business that is recognized for continued year after year growth

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Non-Profit of the Year: Given to the non-profit that exceeds their mission


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The Legacy AwardThe award recognizes staying power, longevity, the ability to adjust to the changing economic climate and growth. In business over a minimum of 15 years.

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Reminder: Only SRI Chamber members are eligible for these awards. A full list of current SRI Chamber members can be found  here (listed alphabetically) and here (listed by category).

Spreadin' the Love (Giving Back)Given to the for profit business who uses their marketing power and resources to support charities and causes in our community.


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Best Employer: Stellar work environment, high work moral, the place you want to work.


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Community All-star: Given to the individual that has continually given back to Southern RI


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Board Member of the Year: Given to the SRI Chamber of Commerce board member that has gone above and beyond. A list of our board members can be found here.

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Networker of the Year: Given to the person that makes networking events comfortable, puts you at ease. Always willing to introduce, knows the room.


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Young Professional of the YearGiven to the Young Professional that stands out amongst the rest 

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Best Hang Out: Bar or restaurant you want to hang at all day

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Best Family Restaurant


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Best Ocean View Dining


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Best of the 2018 Taste of Southern Rhode Island: A list of participants can be found here.

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