2019 Business of the Year Nomination
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Please nominate a Business who contributes to our community.

DEADLINE:  On or before March 4, 2019 at noon.  Please note: The winner(s) will be saved a spot at the front of the Mardi Gras parade on October 26, 2019 if they'd like to participate.

Past recipients: 2000-BARMAC; 2001-Grecian Steak & Seafood House; 2002-Perry County Marketplace;
2003-Save-A-Lot; 2004-Pinckneyville Community Hospital; 2005-Flower Patch
2006-First National Bank in Pinckneyville; 2007-McDaniel's Furniture & Appliances; 2008-Red Hawk Golf Club; 
2009-Kuhnert Electric; 2010-Lynn's Hairstyling; 2011-Caring and Sharing Thrift Shop; 2012-Contempri Homes; 
2013-Pinckneyville Ambulance Service; 2014-Kay's Massage; 2015-Pinckneyville Press; 2016-Dixie Cup Cafe; 
2017-Pinckneyville Nursing and Rehabilitation; 2018- Hutch's Tire and Lube
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