Hi Sunshine!
Thanks for popping into my survey. :)
Take this quick 4-question survey and you could win a $25 Visa Prepaid Card. (no essay questions, I promise!)
Essentially the survey will gauge whether you prefer me to work with you to become a better marketer, or do actual marketing tactics for you. 
Done WITH you - you get personal training, advice, and feedback, so you can build your marketing skills, gain more confidence, and get better results. 
Done FOR you - you outsource certain marketing activities to me, because you don't have the time, knowledge, or desire to perform them. 
This is not a sales pitch, just a research exercise so I can create valuable services and content to help you in your business.
After you complete the questions, if you want to enter the contest, you can enter your name then. 
Thanks a bunch for helping me out. 
Bonnie Chomica 
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