Spirit Mountain Snow Club- Northshore Community School 4:15 Wednesday
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Participant Name 

First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone:
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Address 1:
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Postal Code:
Parent/Guardian 1:
Parent/Guardian 1 Phone Number:
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Participant Age:
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Session I
Session II
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Will participant ski or snowboard?
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Select answer for registered discipline
Never Ever - First or second time skiing or snowboarding
Beginner Turns - Skiers that are able to stop using a wedge and can change directions. Snowboarders are able to stop on both heel and toe side edges but turns are not linked.
Beginner Chairlift - Skiers or Snowboarders that are able to confidently stop and are beggining to link their turns.
Intermediate Chairlift - Skiers are beginning to ski with parrell ski and on intermediate level trails. Snowboarders can link their turns and ride on intermediate level trails.
Advanced Chairlift - Skiers or Snowboarders that are able to make advanced turns on all terrain.
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Classify your skiing participant 

Type I
Type II
Type III
N/A - Participant is registered to snowboard

Friend Request  

(friends must be the same discipline and similar ability. Not all request can be honored) 


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I agree to the Release of Liability and Waiver of Rights
I do not agree with the above document and understand that my child will not be able to participate in this program
Required 8.

The Snow Club you child is participating in is offering the chance for all participants to free-ski/board during the time at the hill.  This is different from the instruction based Snow Club.  If you choose to allow you child to free-ski/board it must be understood that they must demonstrate adequate ability before being allowed to be on their own.  This will be tested on the beginner hill on their first day of Snow Club.  Each participant that is free-skiing/boarding will be expected to be with at least one other participant at all times, follow all rules of the hill and the Snow Club Membership agreement, and meet all time requirements set by the school, i.e. when they are leaving.  If at any point the free-ski/board participant is not able to meet these expectations they will be placed into an instructor's group for the remainder of the session. 

I choose to allow my child to free ski/board and acknowledge that I have read the above parameters.
I choose to have my participant stay with an instructor and not allow them to free-ski/board.
Required 9.

I agree to the Spirit Mountain Rental Agreement
I do not agree to the above document and understand that my child will not be able to participate in the program
My child will be using their own equipment and not renting
Required 10.


I agree to the Snow Club membership and reviewed this agreement with my Snow CLub participant
I do not agree to the Snow Club Membership and understand that my child will not be able to participate in this program
Required 11.

Will you be renting a helmet for your participant for $10 per session? 

Required 12.


I agree to the Helmet Rental Liability Release
I do not agree to the Helmet Liability Release and understand that my paticipant will not be permitted to use a rental helmet
My participant has their own snow sports specific helmet
Additional Information
Anything else you feel we should know about your Snow Club participant. This is primarily for health/behavioral concerns. 

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