Bucher Vaslin Equipment - Annual Maintenance 2019
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Please provide an up-to-date information regarding the physical location of your equipment. A Bucher Vaslin North America technician will come to this address.

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Please indicate below equipment to be serviced/volume/quantity. 
(ex: XPERT/320/1)
- Delta Destemmer (E1, E2, E4, E6, E8, Oscillys100, Oscillys200)
- Bucher Membrane Press (XPRO, XPERT, XPLUS and volume)
- JLB Vertical Basket Press (5, 12, 20)
- Delta sorting table, elevator, pumps, Cazaux pumps, crusher and other (precise model)
- Delta Vistalys Optical Sorter
- Costral equipment (precise model)

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Please choose the time frame you would like to schedule the annual maintenance of your Bucher Vaslin equipment. Review our price list for more information on the options

Option1 = February 4 - March 29
Option2 = April 1 - May 31
Option3 = June 1 - July 13
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PARTS & FOLLOW-UP SERVICE: Upon completion of annual maintenance, you will be emailed a copy of the service report, to the email listed on the form, within 48 hours of service date. Customer will be responsible for ordering any parts or follow-up service recommended by the technician by calling our main line at 707-823-2883. Any requested follow-up service will be billed at our standard labor and travel rates.

TRAVEL COSTS: Travel costs are included in the price list for customers in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties for the annual maintenance. Customers outside of the aforementioned counties (including states outside of California) will be billed for all traveling time in addition to the AEM rates. Hotel, airline tickets, auto rental, meals and miscellaneous travel expenses will also be added and charged to customer's account as needed. Total travel expenses will be determined upon completion of the trip and billed separately.
PLEASE BE READY: All equipment must be out, easily accessible and ready upon technicians arrival on day of service. Any wait time or same day cancellations incurred, will be charged appropriately. Electrical power is required for all machines. Compressed air is required for all but self-contained Bucher/ Sutter presses. Make sure all juice channels are in place inside the presses and clean prior to the technician's visit and all 3-D elements are removed as well.
Please be aware that occasional emergency situations at other facilities may occur resulting in rescheduling your appointment. We will do our best to minimize any inconvenience this may cause you as a result.
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