2019 EIC Intent to Participate
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Have you entered a project in the CFC ABC EIC awards in the last 5 years?

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Has your firm decided to enter one or more projects in the the Excellence in Construction Awards Program this year?
Yes, we will be entering one or more projects
No we will not be entering projects this year
We are interested in entering one or more projects but we are not sure which projects yet/ We need more time to consider
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Please list the project name (if known)

Indicate if it is a Disney or Universal project

List the contract value category (Under $1M, $1 - 5M, $5-$10M, $10-$20M, $20-$50M, $50-$100M, Over $100M)


(If unknown - please let us know the number of projects you intend to enter and if any of them are WDW, WDI, or Universal)


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Are you or someone from your company interested in attending a free workshop to learn more about the EIC program and get tips on how to win an Eagle (March 6, 28, April 12)?

Myself or someone from my company will attend one of the workshops
I am not interested in attending a workshop
Myself or someone from my company is interested in learning more
I will let the people in my company know the dates to send anyone who is interested

For questions, Call Taylor, Cami or Nancy at 407-628-2070 or email eic@abccentralflorida.org.


Due Dates / Deadlines

Intent to participate - March 30, 2019

Entry Form Part 1 (general information) - April 30, 2019

Entry Form Part 2 (sitevisit/judging information and attachments) - May 15, 2019