The Appalachian Trail: Survey for Thru-Hikers, Day Hikers & Stewards
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GNJP's newest show, currently in development, will take the viewer on a journey along the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey and New York, meeting hikers, volunteers and stewards. We'll explore glacial lakes and waterfalls, climb mountains, tramp along footbridges and trails, and examine human-made environments. Our journey will take us from the large-scale grandness of the trail to the up-close and personal perspective of the thru-hiker and day tripper.

GNJP is looking for personal stories for background for the above show. If you have hiked or worked on the Appalachian Trail and are interested in sharing your story, please complete the survey below. We are in the beginning of the fundraising and development processes and hope to film in 2019/2020. Feel free to share this survey.


Have you hiked the Appalachian Trail? Check as many answers as appropriate.

I hiked the entire trail
I backpacked a section or sections of the trail
I have day hiked various parts of the trail
I have day hiked a part of the trail
I have not hiked the AT at all
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I hiked on the trail  . . .

within the past five years
over five years ago
more than once
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Have you worked on the trail as a volunteer or as an employee of a government agency, a nonprofit or a business?
Yes - as a volunteer
Yes - as an employee
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Are you a volunteer or an employee for an organization that has helped maintain the trail and, if so, may we contact you and/or your organization? If we may, please provide the organization name, a contact person and best way to reach you below. 


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May we contact you and are you willing to share your story and photos with Greener NJ Productions for background information and to be included on our website and in social media messages? Please designate under Comment best way to contact you.

Yes, Greener NJ Productions may use my information online and in social media - best way to contact me below
No, this information is not for public use
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Please enter your contact information below. Title and company name not required - only pertinent if you hiked or worked on the trail as an employee of that company.

First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
Company Name:
Email Address:
Address 1:
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Postal Code:
Best phone to contact you:


Would you like to add anything else?


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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.