As you know, as an endorsed practitioner you are required to renew your NJ-AIMH Infant Mental Health Endorsement® annually.
Renewal requirements are as follows:
Attendance at a minimum of 15 hours of training related to culturally-sensitive, relationship-focused practice promoting infant mental health since your previous Endorsement® date.  
Category I: No Reflective Supervision requirement.
Category II, Category III and Category IV-Clinical Mentor: Endorsed Practitioners at Category II, III and IV-Clinical Mentor are required to have attended a minimum of 12 hours of Reflective Supervision since your previous Endorsement® date.   
Category IV-Policy, Research/Faculty: No Reflective Supervision requirement.

In order to complete your Endorsement® renewal, please complete the survey by 
JANUARY 31, 2019 and submit the $20 renewal fee: 
via check to NJ-AIMH Endorsement 
PO Box 43662 Upper Montclair NJ 07043 
PayPal at 
Online Surveys  by