SBDC Economic Impact
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The South Carolina SBDC Network is an economic development partner of the US Small Business Administration and the State of South Carolina.  For this reason, we need to measure our impact on the economy of South Carolina.  In order to determine this impact, we are asking that you provide the following information about your business.  Please know that the information you provide will only be used in an aggregate compilation of data.  Your individual information will not be distributed to anyone.
Required 1.

Have you started your business? (Starting a business is defined as registering the business with the State of South Carolina, (LLC, S-Corp, etc.) or successfully transacting your first sale.)

Yes, within the past 12 months
No, still actively working on idea
No, temporarily on hold
No, I've decided not to start a business
Yes, but over 12 months ago

If you started your business within the past 12 months, please provide the start date of the business or registration of the business with the State of South Carolina.


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Have you hired additional employees for your business? 

(Please indicate full-time and/or part-time. Example: 1FT/2PT)


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Have you been able to retain employees you've had on the payroll that may otherwise have been laid off? 

(Please indicate the number of full-time and/or part-time.  Example: 1FT/2PT)


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What are your year-to-date sales?


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Please indicate whether this is an increase, decrease or flat sales trend and the amount. (Example: Increase of $5,000 or +$5,000)


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Please check any investments you have made in your business within the past 12 months.  (Check all that apply)

Commercial Business Loan
Line of Credit
SBA Loan
Other Government Loan
Export Financing
Personal Loan/Home Equity Loan
Credit Card Financing
Personal Sources (friends, family, etc)
Venture Capital

For each of the investments checked above, please indicate the amount you requested and the amount approved along with the date approved.  (Example: SBA Loan, $50,000, 4/4/19 - Personal Source, $5,000, 4/4/19)


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Required 9.

How would you rate the quality of service received at the Clemson Region SBDC offices?

Poor Service Average Service Excellent Service         
Required 10.

How can our counselors better serve the needs of your business?


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Required 11.

By typing your name and business name (if applicable) in the box below, you are acknowledging the information is being reported by you, the owner of the business, and that with the assistance of SC SBDC services, you have realized the impact to your business as outlined above. 


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