Equal Opportunity Program Survey
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PWSA is conducting a survey to obtain feedback from our partners about our Equal Opportunity Program (EOP). Our EOP ensures that minority (M), women (W), veteran (V), and service disabled veteran (SDV) businesses can participate in PWSA's contracting opportunities.
You are receiving this survey because you have participated in our procurement process or have interacted with PWSA in a professional capacity. Regardless of your firm's certification status, your experience can provide valuable feedback to help improve our processes and outcomes. Thank you for taking the time to share your input.

Required 1.

I am a:

M/W/V/SDV/BE firm that has done business with PWSA
M/W/V/SDV/BE firm that has not done business with PWSA
Majority firm that has done business with PWSA
Majority firm that has not done business with PWSA
PWSA stakeholder
Required 2.

The types of services my firm provides are

construction management
project management
traffic control
construction inspections
construction supplies
environmental services
lab services
water quality
strategic communications
website services
technology services
geotechnical services
general labor
office supplies
Not applicable
If you are familiar with the PWSA procurement process, how would you rate the difficulty of navigating the M/W/V/SDV goals?
Extremely Easy Easy Neutral Difficult Extremely Difficult       
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What do you see as a barrier for M/W/V/SDV firms to participate in PWSA contracts?

lack of information in solicitation
response timeline too short
timing of mandatory pre-bid meetings
lack of meaningful connections to other firms
complexity of the bid process
categories that determine bid score
no PWSA contact to help navigate process
not enough experience
access to capital
size of contracts
certification categories are too narrow
no barriers

What improvements would you recommend for the procurement process to increase M/W/V/SDV participation?


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How helpful is the equal opportunity website? 
Very helpful Somewhat helpful Not helpful at all What website?        

What would you do to improve the equal opportunity website?


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If you have worked with PWSA, how did you hear about the opportunity?

PWSA's solicitation website
social media
word of mouth
another firm
a MWDBE organization
a PWSA employee
a PWSA outreach event
an industry event
Required 9.

Where would you like to see PWSA focus their equal opportunity efforts in 2019?

updating Equal Opportunity Policy
attending more outreach events
educating firms about upcoming projects
developing a mentor program
recruiting firms from outside the region
holding regular stakeholder roundtables
sending industry specific monthly newsletters
adding more information to the website
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Other comments not addressed in the survey:


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If you would like PWSA staff to follow-up with you to discuss any items in this survey, please provide contact information below.

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