2019 New Class Ideas Survey
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Help me prioritize which of these classes to offer in 2019 at the Finishing School for Modern Women. Please click on the classes you'd like to attend this year. You can choose as many as you like. 

Getting in touch with your feminine side
Taking great pictures you'll love - how to pose in the most flattering way
Breaking through the fear of the unknown
Finding your personal style, and strategically dress for your shape
What is modern day feminism and what to do about it without getting bitter?
Choosing a cause and making a social impact
Board service - how to prepare and be accepted to a board, what to expect, how to be effective, and how to find opportunities.
Dealing with trauma
How to support our sisters instead of tearing them down
Breaking bad habits and establishing better ones
Encore careers after retirement
Time management for what matters
If not now, when - getting the most out of your life now
How to be a positive influence in a negative world
You're better than you think - building confidence
One Day at a Time - How to go on when you don't think you can
Living on a budget and thrifty tips
Taking care of our Mother - what to do to help the environment
Honoring diversity and what that means
How to make the best decisions
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