6th Annual Easthampton WinterFest Visitor/Participant Survey
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How did you learn about WinterFest? (Check all that apply)
Social Media (Facebook Event, Twitter)
Through a friend
Signs, banners, flyers
Chamber newsletter
While passing the event locations
TV (Mass Appeal, Easthampton Media)
Required 2.
What activities did you attend at WinterFest? (Check all that apply)
Craft & Vendor Fair
Scavenger Hunt - all over
Ice Bar at Brass Cat
Cupcake Decorating: Library
Wagon Rides
Chili Cook Off
Ice Harvest on the Pond
MAP Gallery art workshop: Eastworks
Disney's Frozen & Pics with Anna
Community Fire
Center/Pepin Art Auction
Morning Music Party at Flywheel
Magical Moments show at EHS
HAM Radio at the pond
Lovin' Spoonful Clay Workshop
Yeti Family's Dance Ball at Council on Aging
Drawing and Sweets at Wedgeworks
Dennis the Magician at Easthampton Media
Nature Walk at Arcadia
Awards Ceremony at Easthampton Media
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Required 3.
How likely are you to attend WinterFest again?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Required 4.
Approximately how much money do you think you spent while attending WinterFest and/or while you were in Easthampton? Think of purchases, donations, food & beverage when in town.
Under $25
$25 - $50
$50 - $100
$100 - $250
More than $250
Do you have any suggestions for improving WinterFest next year?

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