Sometimes (not always), starting over sucks! 

I've started over 3 times in my life. First, in my mid-20's leaving a job to move out state, then my 30's (leaving a career to move back to my home town) and now in my early 50's. There are some amazing opportunities that come out of starting over, and there are some mind-numbing challenges too.

I want to hear from you and your experience, if you dare to share. We are defining "starting over" as someone who finds themselves in a position of leaving one personal or professional life to begin another, from scratch whether it's voluntarily or involuntarily.

You will not be required to share your personal information, but if you want to be on the insider track to help others who are starting over, I welcome you to share your information.

Your personal contact information is kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL. Your responses will aid in developing content helpful to others who are starting over. 

We know your time is valuable; thank you 
again for participating!
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