International Society of Sustainability Professionals Hall of Fame
ISSP periodically recognizes the leaders in our field by inducting notable professionals into our Sustainability Hall of Fame. A place in the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame is an honor granted to sustainability professionals by their peers.  Membership in the ISSP Sustainability Hall of Fame is based on a person's leadership in the sustainability field.  The intent is to identify and honor those who, through service, research, innovation, advancement of the case for sustainability, participation in the adoption of sustainability in sectors or regions, and/or contribution to the definition of the profession, have significantly advanced the effort to make sustainability standard practice.
We invite you to nominate  a professional for consideration of this honor.  By completing this form, your nomination will be submitted to a special Hall of Fame committee who will assess each candidate against our selection criteria and determine the final slate of honorees. The chosen inductees will be invited to the conference to receive their award and participate in a "Wisdom Panel" discussion forum.
Watch for announcements for the Fall 2019 ISSP Conference! 
Thank you for taking the time to support this program.   
--You do not need to be an ISSP member to participate.
--You may submit as many nominees as you like, but you may not self-nominate.
--ISSP staff and board members are ineligible for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.  
--All nominations are due
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