Keystone Industries Customer Feedback Survey
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Required 1.

How would your rate the quality of Keystone products? 

Better than OEM
As Good as OEM
Same as OEM
Lower quality than OEM
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Required 2.

Overall, how satisfied/dissatisfied are you with our products and customer service? 

Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied
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Required 3.
Which of the following words would you use to describe Keystone parts and systems? Select all that apply
High Quality
Helpful & Responsive customer service
Good Value for Money
Poor Quality
Poor customer service
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Required 4.
Please describe in detail any issues you experienced with parts or staff at Keystone.
Type N/A, if not applicable.


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Required 5.
How helpful is customer support for responding to requests?
Extremely Helpful
Very Helpful
Somewhat Helpful
Not so Helpful
Not at all Helpful
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Required 6.
What does Keystone do really well that makes us stand out over others?

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Required 7.

Tell us what products you would like Keystone to offer.  If none, type N/A. 


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