IHEA-USA Industry Partner Award for 2018
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Any individual, group or member of industry that exhibited outstanding support of IHEA-USA and its mission through technological advances or been active and innovative in fostering new ideas in hunter education or R3 that, by virtue of personal staff efforts, professional advice, leadership or financial assistance, helped advance hunting and/or the shooting sports in a meaningful way is eligible.
Any individual, group or company member of industry may receive this award annually. After the nomination has gone through the awards committee process, the final decision will be made by the IHEA-USA Board of Directors.

Nomination Deadline:  March 15, 2019
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How many years has the nominee been involved with hunter education?


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Shooting Sports
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What significant, technological or innovative contributions has the nominee/company made to Hunter Education or R3? Be specific.


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List any additional leadership, advice, financial support, manpower (staff/volunteers) or ideas the nominee/company has provided to advance hunting and/or the shooting sports?


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