IHEA-USA Gladney Davidson Memorial Award for 2018
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This is IHEA-USA's highest single award. The individual or organization nominated for this award should have made some important or innovative contribution(s) to the field of Hunter Education that exhibits excellence in Hunter Education and those involved with its programs.

After the nomination has gone through the awards committee process, the final decision will be made by the IHEA-USA Board of Directors.

Note: This award is not necessarily awarded regularly or annually, but on an "as needed" basis. As IHEA-USA's highest award it is given when an individual or organization's effort or contribution is of such an important or unique nature that it warrants consideration of receiving IHEA-USA's highest honor.

Nomination Deadline:  March 15, 2019
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How many years has the nominee been involved with hunter education?


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List any significant contributions the nominee has made to Hunter Education including service and support (board positions, committees, etc.) to IHEA-USA. Be specific.

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Briefly explain the major contributing factor that makes the nominee deserving of this prestigious award.


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