Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau Survey
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Please provide your input on how to proceed with Repair/Replacement of The World's Largest Pheasant
Please pass this on to your employees so that we reach as many people as possible
Facts to consider when answering:

1. Built in 1959 by the Huron Junior Chamber of Commerce and Jaycees to bring people to Huron placed on a building owned by the owners of The Plains as a premier conference/recreation area in our region. 
2. The building and the pheasant is owned by The Dakota Inn.
3. A 10-year lease, with the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau, to maintain the pheasant, comes due in 2020.
4. The building is currently for sale and the Chamber has right of first refusal if an offer is given.
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Which option do you prefer?

Purchase the 60 year old pheasant and building and leave the pheasant in existing location (Listing price of building is $180,000 and repair cost of pheasant is $27,000)
Build a new pheasant in a different location owned by the City/Chamber (Est. cost of new pheasant $75,000)
Do nothing and let The World's Largest Pheasant go extinct
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