UTA Free Ride Pledge
By taking the "Free Ride" pledge, we will help you prepare for the February 28th and March 1st UTA Free Ride Days!

We will send you tips on how to find the best route, remind you of the Free Ride Days, and get your feedback on your experience.

By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected.

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Which of the Free Ride Days will you participate in?

Thursday, February 28th
Friday, March 1st

How often do you currently use UTA services (bus, TRAX, FrontRunner)?

A few days per week
A few days per month
I don't currently use UTA services

Do you currently work in Salt Lake City?


Do you currently live in Salt Lake City?


Are you aware of the HIVE Pass, Salt Lake City's discount transit pass available to all SLC residents?

Yes, I have a HIVE Pass
Yes, but I don't have a HIVE Pass
No, I've never heard about the HIVE Pass
I don't live in SLC