Brew Master Training Survey
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This survey will help us better understand your interest in Brewmaster training and what your ideal training experience would look like. All responses remain the property of Bines and Vines Czech Imports and will remain confidential. Thank you for your interest. 
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How long have you been brewing beer? 

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What brewery do you currently work for?


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Have you ever attended a brewmaster training class or session before?

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If you answered "yes" to Question #4, where did this class take place?


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If you answered "yes" to Question 4, were you satisfied with the level of instruction and information provided in the class or session?

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If you answered "yes" to Question 4, who offered the class or session?


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If you were designing your ideal brewmaster training class, how much importance would you place of each of these possible training elements?

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Small Class Size   
Close Proximity to the Training Location (less than one hour away)   
Customized Content Appropriate For My Level of Expertise   
Brewing Opportunity As Part of the Class   
Chance to Work With New Ingredients   
Chance to Learn a Different Style of Beer   
Recipe Development   
Ask an Expert Q&A   
Discounts on Ingredient Purchases   
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How long (# hours) do you think a training class should last?


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Would you be willing to take a class using a virtual delivery mechanism such as a "webinar"?

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Are you interested in participating in a collaborative brewing experience with a Czech Brewmaster?