2019 El Dorado County Bar Association Annual Survey
We want to hear from you!  Please share your feedback on being a member of the
El Dorado County Bar Association so we can best meet your needs.

How valuable do you find each of the following attributes of membership?
 1 - Not at all valuable 2 - Slightly valuable 3 - Moderately valuable 4 - Very valuable 5 - Extremely valuable 
Monthly CLEs
Website Content
Membership Overall
Please rate your agreement with each of the following aspects of your membership.
 1 - Strongly disagree 2 - Slightly disagree 3 - Neutral 4 - Slightly agree 5 - Strongly agree 
I am getting good value for the cost of membership
I am getting useful information
The monthly CLE offerings are valuable
The website is meeting my professional needs
Participating in events is worth my time
Please rate your overall satisfaction with your membership experience.
5 - Extremely satisfied
4 - Very satisfied
3 - Moderately satisfied
2 - Slightly dissatisfied
1 - Very dissatisfied
How likely are you to do each of the following?
 1 - Very unlikely 2 - Slightly unlikely 3 - Neutral 4 - Very likely 5 - Extremely likely 
Recommend this association to friends or colleagues
Renew your membership
Attend upcoming association events
Which ways do you prefer we communicate with you? Please select all that apply.
Online newsletter
Paper newsletter
EDCBA Website
Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
What suggestions do you have for us to improve the value of your membership?

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