UFCW Local 1000 Member Satisfaction Survey
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Required 1.
How long have you been a UFCW member?
Less than 3 months
3 months to less than 1 year
1 year to less than 3 years
3 years to less than 5 years
5 years or more
Required 2.
What is your preferred way of communicating with the union? 
Face to Face with union rep
Website or Social Media
Telephone Call
Text Message
Required 3.
How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with us?
Highly satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Highly dissatisfied
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Required 4.
How does your union representative rate on the following attributes?
 Very Poor Poor Fair Good Great 
Member service experience
Answering questions promptly
Handling grievances thoroughly
Quality of service
Understanding of members' needs
Value of Union Membership
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Required 5.
Has your union representative dealt with your most recent problem or grievance effectively? 

Please put their name in your comment. 
No, but they are working on it
No and I don't know what's going on
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Required 6.
How likely are you to urge your co-workers to join the union?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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Required 7.
Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

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Required 8.
Please provide your name and contact information so a UFCW supervisor can follow up with you. 

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