Regional ANTI-RACISM Effort: Volunteer survey
This survey is designed to help those who are committed to the work of Anti-Racism to indicate their interest and availability to serve at this time in one or perhaps two capacities.

The description of specific roles is found in the PDF document Where from Here? found on the website.

At this point, we are seeking to know your interest and availability.  You are not being asked to commit just yet.  Once we have responses from 20 or more of those who have participated in continuing education and activity focused on Anti-Racism we will share the information gathered here with those who will make a formal invitation to each person to take part in a Region-wide, long-term, sustaining movement for racial and economic equity in the Church and in our communities.

Having read Where from Here?, this question is about your interest and availability to serve as part of a Regional Anti-Racism team. You may choose one or two of the following roles.

(If being part of a Regional Anti-Racism team that plans and oversees our work is not for you, please skip to Question 2.)

Question 2 will ask you to indicate your interest and availability to serve as part of efforts that do not require regular meetings but focus on specific kinds of periodic work to accomplish the mission.

Co-Curator of our Region's Anti Racism overall work
Event Co-Coordinator
Liaison with a partner community organization doing similar work
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Please indicate your availability and interest in one or two of the following short-term activities that support the Anti-Racism work of our Region

Help when our Region hosts future workshops (set up/sign in/clean up)
Provide a ride from KCI for one or two participants flying to a workshop that we host
Recruiting and supporting our Region's Anti-Racism instructors
Participating as an ally in work done by community partners - building mutuality
Facilitate small group meeting (support for those doing organizing and advocacy)
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Please enter only the information that we need to identify and contact you.  Ministers serving in our Region already have most of this information on file, so, name and cell phone is sufficient.

By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected.

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THANK YOU!  We will contact you once we have heard back from the 20+ people who have expressed a strong interest in this important work.

You may share this survey with others whom you know to share your high level of commitment to the work of Anti-Racism.