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Conflict of Interest - Any personal interest, any business or professional activity or relationship, prior or current, that may interfere with the ability to objectively perform or impair the duties, judgement or objectivity of the person.
Unfair Employment Practices - Reporting employment decisions, practices or disciplinary actions that are believed to be unfair regardless of whether they are the result of job performance, changes in business needs or other business related decision.
Environment, Health and Safety- Reporting policies, conduct or practices that violate ANY laws or regulations that may impact ANYONE.
Substance Abuse - Reporting unlawful use, possession, sale, conveyance, distribution, concealment, transportation or manufacture of illegal drugs, intoxicants, controlled substances or drug paraphernalia in the workplace or while conducting business.
Harassment, Threats and Physical Violence - Reporting any act or action that threatens or violates our Business Ethics Policy.
Accounting or Audit Practices - Reporting actions that violate or conflict with either internal policies, procedures, practices or govt regulations.
Conflict of Interest (Financial) - Reporting any financial interest, any activity, prior or current employment, or obligation that may interfere with the ability to objectively perform job duties and responsibilities or impair objectivity.
Gifts, Bribes and Kickbacks - Reporting payments, payments in kind, gifts, bribes, extension of credit or benefits received that are unlawful, improper or to influence business decisions.
Customer Relations - Reporting any actions that negatively affect or interfere with Customers, business partners or the delivery of services or products.
Breach of Confidentiality & Confidential Info - Reporting unauthorized disclosure, copying, duplication, misappropriation or misuse of confidential or personal information of a Customer, business partner or employee.
Misuse of Resources - Reporting unauthorized or unlicensed use of property or resources for non-business related reasons or purposes including improper use of systems, timekeeping or policies.
Theft - Reporting the theft of supplies, equipment, furniture, products, cash, merchandise or tangible property.
Guidance Request - Contacting for Guidance, interpretation, or other information regarding matters of law, regulations or policies.
Antitrust or Fair Trading - Reporting discussions or agreements with competitors about prices, credit terms, submission of bids or offers, allocation of markets or customers, boycotts of suppliers/customers resulting in monopolization or anti-competition.
Espionage or Sabotage - Reporting actions that result in the gathering, receipt or acceptance of non-public confidential information or trade secrets about competitors to gain an advantage or to destroy/disrupt/damag-
e a competitor for an advantage or gain.
Falsification or Destruction of Information - Reporting actions that encourage or result in the unlawful/untimely/fal-
on of information to deceive or mislead.
Quality Control - Reporting issues with product or service quality or effectiveness, allegations of product tampering, violation of policies/practices, allegations of non-compliance with standards or service delivery.
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