Certified Professional Leader Assessment
Hello Leadership Journey Graduate, 

PeopleTek is pleased to offer a certificate of accomplishment to you. As with all programs with certifications, we have a couple of requirements. You've accomplished one part in successfully completing the Journey.

The next step is this exam, which is open notes. You may use any notes and assessments you have from your Journey to help answer the questions. 
The following questions are required, and you must attain 80 percent as graded by our coaching board. 

We look forward to your certification! 

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Please check the box under the instrument that matches the description.

 MBTI DISC Conflict (TKI) Team Dimensions 360 Feedback 
The tool that provides a person with insights about their behavior and skills from several perspectives, self, customers, boss, direct reports and peers
An instrument that shows a person how much Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness is demonstrated in their behavior
The assessment that measures how well a person uses their skills to address differences of opinion
The tool that gives a person the role they best like to play
The assessment that measures sensing and feeling

Please check the box that matches the description of the Johari Window box.

 Open Hidden Blind Unknown  
This area is that part of our conscious self - our attitudes, behavior, motivation, values, way of life - of which we are aware and which is known to others. We move within this area with freedom.  
We are more rich and complex than that which we and others know, but from time to time something happens - is felt, read, heard, dreamed - something from our unconscious is revealed. Then we "know" what we have never "known" before.  
There are things about ourselves which we do not know, but that others can see more clearly; or things we imagine to be true of ourselves for a variety of reasons but that others do not see at all. When others say what they see (feedback), in a supportive  
This area cannot be known to others unless we disclose it. There is that which we freely keep within ourselves, and that which we retain out of fear. The degree to which we share ourselves with others (disclosure) is the degree to which we can be known.  

Why is self-awareness so important as a leader? 


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Describe your Magic Dust. How have you used it in your career and job responsibilities?


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What is your MBTI Type? Why is it important to understanding your leadership skills and impact?


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What is your DiSC type? List an example of a situation where someone had a different DiSC style than you and how you adjusted your approach to dealing with them. 
D - Dominance
i - Influence
S - Steadiness
C - Conscientiousness
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What does the formula v,m,g,m=b mean? 
Values, Mission, Goals, Means = Behaviors
Vision, Mission, Goals, Measures = Behaviors
Vision, Management, Goals, Meekness = Behaviors
Values, Management, Greatness, Measures = Behaviors
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Why is Vision, Mission, Goals, Measures = Behaviors important for you as a leader to understand? What role does this play in your ability to coach others? 

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What is your style for handling conflict? 
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What does the term, "Without conflict, there is no leadership" mean? Why is it important to understand your natural conflict approach?

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What role do you play on a team? Why is it important to know this as an individual and as a leader of teams?   
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Why is listening the most important component of communication? How can you apply this knowledge? 


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Describe one important lesson you learned from the Journey that you will continue to develop over time. 


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What is your definition of a good leader? (Your response here will be posted on our website under the "Certification" tab.)


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