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Oregon has an unprecedented opportunity to reduce some of the most dangerous air pollution in our state: diesel particulate pollution coming from older trucks. We know that students who attend schools like Harriet Tubman Middle School and Lincoln HS - which are both located dangerously close to some of our busiest transportation corridors -  are at increased risk of lower performance, abstenteeism, and other negative health consequences from breathing dirty air laced with diesel exhaust. That's why the students of those schools are fired up and heading to Salem.  But the Trucker's Lobby is one of the most powerful anti-environmental forces in our state and it has just announced its opposition to the diesel bill. We need the strength of our collective voices that have created a mandate for our leaders to fix this long overdue problem.  Please make a pledge to make a difference, whether that is joining us in Salem, sending email testimony, or sponsoring a student.  You can pick one or all of the options! Thank you!

Sponsor a student
Donate to NCA to support Clean Diesel Campaign

I can travel to Salem March 19th to attend Hearing for SB 2007
I can travel to Salem March 21 to speak with legislators
I can send an email or make a phone call to my legislator.
I can a sponsor a student (@$25) to help cover transportation and food for trip to Salem
I can support Neighbors for Clean Air to continue the outreach and education around strong diesel standards
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